Medical School Application Essay Statements – Essay Example

My devotion towards the field of medicine and healthcare had been with me from when I graduated high school. It started when my mother was seriously injured in a car accident and this compelled me to volunteer at Physiomed, a chiropractic clinic, for one year where my Mother was undergoing treatment. It was this firsthand exposure to the field of healthcare which led me to realize that this was the career I want to pursue. Hence, I applied to Centennial College to study general sciences and it was during the two years of my college studies that I better understood Biology, in particular, human anatomy with the cardiovascular system that captivated my attention. I then transferred to the Harvard University to enroll in Bachelor in Liberal Arts in Biology. I continued my volunteering activities by acting as a representative at government hearings for Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD). This organization provided the role for promoting healthcare education amongst the underprivileged and minority neighborhoods. The experience and the exposure that I received in ABCD served to strengthen my career aim to become a physician and to possibly be a part of the policy-making process in relation to healthcare. An essential step that I took towards this aim was the initiation of “Health Policy Board of Advisors.” The purpose of this board is to bring under one forum students belonging to diverse fields of study from different universities. These students, including myself, research on health policies as well as medical structures throughout the world in order to weave-out the best aspects that may be incorporated in to other systems in an attempt to further enhance them.
I have been affiliated with the field of healthcare in various ways which provides a strong explanation of the fact that this field has been of utmost importance to me. I have also devoted important years of my life to excel in this area of study. It is of my prevent belief that I can offer a multi-faceted skill and knowledge which could only be augmented as I become a part of Yale’s medical program. The opportunity to be a part of Yale University is a perfect opportunity for me to polish my skills and enhance my experience with relation to the subject of medicine as well as medical health policies. I do not only want to be restricted as a physician but rather, I want to nurture a future in healthcare by working towards improving health policies which can change the perspective of and condition of people. I plan to enroll in MD-MPH in order to gain more knowledge in medical policies. I fully understand the demands associated with this field and inherent to this are health policies geared toward the right direction through proper incentives and techniques. My application to the Yale University faculty of medicine is the biggest step that I must hurdle to be an effective medical practitioner in the future. In this, I do hope that I could transcend the average understanding of a health professional concentrated on the curative aspect of health care. This goal supersedes the familiar understanding of medicine as it is a revitalization of medical policies in its entirety which could be initiated in America and hopefully spread through a global attainment.