Megans Law Victory Speech – Essay Example

Winning ment Winning a case like on the basis of prevailing Megan’s Law, is always expected to have great implications in the society. As we know, a seven-year-old Megan Kanka was kidnapped, raped, and murdered by Jesse Timmendequas, a repeat violent sexual offender, Megan’s Law always aim to support the victim and the same happened in my case too.
Being Attorney General of New Jersey, I thought that the list of sex offenders is perfectly constitutional as per the constitution of the United States with respect to the Megan’s Law. Though, sex offenders are entitled with the fourth amendment of the U.S Constitution, it is reasonable to suspect a convicted sex offender to commit the same crime they were convicted of. The matter of the fact is that sex offenders are entitled with the fourth amendment of U.S Constitution. The Fifth Amendment of US constitution stated that the sex registries would not charge a sex offender for second time where as the Sixth Amendment aimed to ensure speedy trial. But the sex offenders have been found guilty in the due process of law repeatedly. All of these reasons made sex registries legal under the U.S. Constitution.
The Megans Law sex offender registration notification provisions were converted into law on October 31, 1994. Megans Law sex offender internet registry was signed on July 23, 2001.
Sex offender lists are not issued to punish the sexual offenders, but to protect the public. The honorable court has agreed with my point of contention and had the verdict that the list of sex offenders is perfectly legal within the scope of Megan’s Law.
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