Memories of Pet Dust If somebody would insist that relationships can only occur for living things, well, I beg to disagree. He was more than a prey for vacuum cleaners in my mother’s well-organized, cozy, and expensive living room; a thing worth treating more than that of a crazy nuisance for the obsessive compulsive. Dust: my best buddy. I know less about platonic love or if it is even appropriate to describe the relationship I had with my pet dust, especially that people made it exclusive for them. One thing is for sure, my memories with my pet dust will live on and would remain an inspiration to me.
My dad; he was allergic to dogs (or sometimes I even thought about him being allergic to my happiness) and I was allergic to everything but dust. I read a book about puppies once; it said that when puppies die, they decompose into dust. I had always yearned for a pet, and reading this book just gave me a brilliant idea. If I can’t have a puppy, then why not have the next best thing? It may seem ridiculous
but I couldnt find a way on how to relief myself from such discontent. Sandburg, the name is perfect for an impeccable pile of dust. We’ve shared adventures I could not possibly imagine I could do. We went to the famous beaches in town and played hide and seek together. We did not spare beach volleyball, with me as a loser for he had an amazing talent in playing with ball games. I didn’t have a hard time training him to catch a ball using his nose, like that of a seal in the Ocean Park. I could still remember the way he wiggles his tail and licks my face as he successfully caught the Frisbee and brought it back to me. As jolly as he could be, it is unavoidable that he almost ended up hurting someone and the bad news is, the victim was my grandmother. He bit her arm because he thought she was his tail. It was hilarious but my grandmother’s anger was not funny at all. She told my father about what happened and made my poor Sandburg homeless for two nights. My neighbor had a female dog; almost like Sandburg’s age. I began to notice unusual actuation from Sandburg whenever Sissy and her owner walk around the neighborhood. One night Sandburg escaped from his cage and several months later, my neighbor told me that Sissy was pregnant. She bore Sandburg six puppies namely: Arthur, Lancelot, Galahad, Percevale, Lyonell, and Marianne. Some neighbors adopted the rest of the puppies but I asked my neighbor if I could have Arthur.
Now, Sandburg is gone. My sister must have spilled the jar where I put him when we went to the beach. Things come and go, that I know but Sandburg will always be in my heart forever.