Mencken --- Beethoven – Essay Example

Task Mencken -Beethoven Good music is pleasant to every Ear, however, its qualities has been a centre of focus by many people. H.L Mencken is one author who described good music giving its various characteristics. The most imperative piece of music in the world according to Mencken in his book Beethoven includes is music, which touches emotions. Every person posse’s emotions that are irresistible when aroused. Soothing music, therefore, should have constant touching words and a tone that attracts and captures the attention. This kind of music is of high quality appreciated by many people around the world.
Fine music should also have sensuous tune according to Beethoven whose tunes inspired many people around the world. Great music is not a thing to come by but a blend of many ingredients. It must be incorporated with feelings and understanding above the normal level (Menken 534). To ensure this, well functional and a coordinating brain is needed to come up with the best music which people applause and at the same time like. The language one speaks should match the brain a factor, which gives forth to good music.
A good music according to Beethoven should also have a master who has good grip and control over the musical system. Instrumentation is one of the aspects of music used to add flavor. Instruments like Violin, Cello, Opus and Piano are some of the instruments used in the production of good music. A good music should have instruments conforming and producing a pleasant tune (Menken 532).
In conclusion, qualities of an excellent music are easy to identify; however, coming up with a good music has remained a hard task and a challenge. It is, therefore, significant when producing music that the quality becomes the first priority.
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