Modern Challenges In Immigration – Essay Example

The United s should have a policy that favors some groups of immigrants over others. A point system should be established that ranks the circumstances of each immigrant on a scale that gives them priority based on need and ability to contribute to society, not on their country of origin. There needs to be a balance in this. Immigrants that are fleeing ethnic violence and war at home should be given first priority. If the United States sets a good example in this, then other countries may be more willing to allow immigration for people in this situation.
The scale needs to look at who is in the most dire need first, but other factors need to be considered in designing the scale. We want to have a balance of people coming to the United States, not just the wealthy and educated of the world or the poorest and neediest. I think that the majority of the slots need to be allocated for people that wish to immigrate due to danger to their personal safety or the safety of family members. We should then look for immigrants that are skilled in professions where there currently is a dearth of native talent. Changing economic conditions would require this policy to be flexible. Finally, the remaining slots should be opened for economic migrants that are leaving home to simply look for a better economic opportunities.
The United States should not have quotas from specific countries. There should be a set number of immigration slots available and they should be distributed according to the scale, not according to country of origin. Some countries will provide more immigrants than others due to changing economic and political situations, but saying that we want to have people from this country but not from that one makes us look like we prefer some ethnic or national groups over others.