Music Paper – Essay Example

The of the concert that I attended is “Judy Coe Sings Joni Mitchell Music”. The other people who performed there aside from Judy Coe were DizenMoizizell on bass, Sean McGowan on guitar, Todd Zeid on drums, and Doug Kruse on piano. The concert was held on King Center in Recital Hall. Most of the people who attended the concert were students and other music enthusiasts.
The concert features some of the greatest hits by the singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell. Some of the songs that were performed are “Both Sides Now,” “I Don’t Know Where I Stand,” and “Big Yellow Taxi.” Joni Mitchell is a musician from Canada who rose to fame during the folk rock movement during the 1960s. While she became popular as a folk rock singer, she later incorporated jazz and pop styles in her work. Joni Mitchell is considered to be a very influential musician in the industry and her works span up to four decades, from 1968 to 2007.
Joni Mitchell is known for her unique guitar style on her songs hence most of the songs that were performed in the concert have wide ranging textures. The songs performed were mostly homophonic that were characterized by a highly rhythmic guitar strumming style and complemented by Judy Coe’s deep and low vocals. The instruments clearly go together in a harmonious manner, with the guitar clearly the most dominant accompaniment. The tone of the music performed may be characterized as mellow and light which is very prevalent in the majority of Joni Mitchell’s songs.