My Family Reunion, My Big Move – Essay Example

A Great Re-union Waiting for the last four years had been difficult for me. Along with my brother, we pulled up to the long dirt Florida drive and slowly, I removed my headphones to avoid my dad’s lecture on how I should behave. Apparently, before we went to the university, it took him little time before his mouth began to shoot with reprimands. I took a glance at my brother, who was seated next to me and I thought how lucky he was for he had not removed his. We came to an opening where about twelve cars were packed and what caught our sight was amazing. There was a huge, beautiful house, our own, I later came to learn. I gawked and wondered how on earth our family owned a house like that.
I heard muffled voices behind the house and our dad signaled us to follow him to the backyard. The first person who caught my eyes was Aunt Betty. I had not seen her for over eight years! Her large face flushed as I ran towards her, and with teary eyes gave her a tight hug. I had really missed her and we held crying for a while until my brother intercepted ‘Whoa! That’s enough, I missed her too. You will wear her out before she hugs me’ everyone laughed. My mum too intercepted ‘We all need your hug dear’. I let her go and she hugged my brother.
This indeed was one of the my happiest moments in my life. Everyone was there; my cousins, aunts, uncles and my best friend, Penny. Young kids ran crazily around the yard and I momentarily joined them. The older kids played touch football game and I joined them too. The adults mingled in scattered small groups. I left home last when I was seventeen, now I was twenty. My mum realized this and welcomed me to join the adults which at least meant that no reprimands would be directed my way. We ate, drunk, played, sung, laughed and made merry in every single way we could think of. At the end of the day, when I rested on the couch and looked around at the almost sixty people around, I was more than assured that this was a good family reunion. At night, as we spread some sleeping mats on the ground and slept together, I could not help but wonder how lucky we all were to have a perfect family reunion. With this, I slept with a smile lingering on my lips.