My Favorite Vaction Destination (destin Fl) – Essay Example

Driving west along route 30 from Fort Walton Beach is my favorite drive in the world. When the drone of the fan from the car’s AC becomes too much for my tired ears to take, I roll down the window and let the outside air rush in. My face is bathed in humidity as the salty air floods the car. I breath deeply, taking in the mixed smells of sea life and asphalt that can only exist when the highway runs right along the coast. As the sand dunes race by, I can see across the channel to my favorite vacation spot, Destin, Florida. Before I cross the bridge though, I am treated to the sights and sounds of hundreds of pleasure boats making their way out into the Gulf of Mexico. Tall ships sport gleaming white sails while boats full of sportsmen and horsepower rumble past. I see the fishermen affixing their outriggers and my mouth begins to water at the thought of their catch. By evening I’m sure to be enjoying a plate of the day’s catch along with something spicy on the side and something cold to drink. Crossing the bridge to downtown Destin, I wind the window back up because the humidity is rising in the car. I snap open my sunglasses case and put on my shades to protect my eyes. The glair coming off of the blue sea is nearly blinding. I don’t mind though. How could I? I know that soon I’ll be sitting in the shade of a little side street café, enjoying the sound of waves in the distance as I plan another great vacation on the beach and among the waves.
Glare of the sun, Tall Ships, Dunes, Fishermen, Highway
Waves, Sails in the wind
Catch of the Day, Cold Drink, Salt Air
Humidity on face
Sea life, highway