My Space Is Your Space – Essay Example

Client MySpace Discussion Questions Explain the popularity of social communication Web sites.
According to Chatfield, MySpace appeals to a teen’s need to be seen and to be given respect (44). The website allows for the opportunity for a contributing member to personalize their page and give information that is relevant to their personality. This ability to define oneself is part of the process of growing up and this extended opportunity allows for communication on a level that is more personal. The ability to declare personal aspects of ones personality in an open forum is an opportunity to create a declaration of identity.
How do MySpace and Facebook make a profit?
MySpace and Facebook are known as user-generated products. The sites are built by gained popularity which leads to advertising dollars being spent for ads put on the sites. The sites are quite obviously working economically as MySpace was sold in 2005 for $330 million dollars and Facebook owner turned down a 1 billion dollar offer from Yahoo in 2006. The number of users creates a demographic that leads to advertisers wanting to reach those members.
What are the privacy issues associated with MySpace and Facebook?
The problem with these sites is although there are some safeguards in place for age related issues, lies told by members mean they are vulnerable to predators. As well, the sites create a forum that can be unwisely used by people who do not anticipate that people in their
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work life, their family, and in their community might find out more than they would actually wish to reveal. As the sites are public, finding information on members is vulnerable to the knowledge that a user might have to infiltrate sites, despite safeguards that are put in place.
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