Nano Technology – Essay Example

Approaches and Applications of Na chnology The invention of computers has revolutionized the mode of life on the planet. Continuing improvements and inventions in the respective field have made life more convenient and have made man more mobile. One such invention is the nanotechnology. Nanotechnology has enabled man to control matter on an atomic level due to which development of devices is possible with 100 nanometers in size and even smaller. The term nanotechnology was devised by Professor Norio Tanguichi and the first definition that was given by him explained this technology as the processing, division, reconstruction of matter on the scale of atoms and molecules (Taniguchi). Molecular technology is also referred to as molecular manufacturing since it will either involve the extension of the device physics or manufacturing of a device from scratch with the processing and reformation of molecules or atoms. There are several approaches used in the manufacturing of nanotechnology; top-down approach, bottom-up, functional approaches, biometric approaches. The most common ones are bottom up and top down approaches. Bottom up approach involves the manufacturing or arrangement of smaller components into larger ones and involves the chemical and physical forces to arrange the structure into bigger ones. Whereas, the top down approach refers to the development of smaller devices from larger components either by division, consolidation and the most common techniques are the lithographic patterning techniques. Different approaches will be highlighted and their importance in the field of nanotechnology.
There are many applications of the nanotechnology in the modern world and the survival without this technology cannot be imagined after its inventions and thus intervention in our lives. The application of nanotechnology ranges from the field of medicine to the world of electronics. It has been the source of manufacturing relevant products in the field of energy as well environment. The application of nanotechnology in the respective fields will be discussed in detail.
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