WHO AM I With the dawn and the brightness of the sun and the breeze, in a small called Alkharj, there was a voice crying and a woman suffering from pain. There was also a man watching the scene from the hall and anticipating the momentous occasion. Suddenly, everyone was happy and laughing, except that annoying kid who did not want to stop crying, that child was me.
My mother suffered pain for me before I came to this life and, indeed, after. My father also sacrificed his life to help me and my brothers and sisters grow up. I was not that kind of quiet kid, I was always annoying. I loved to play with anything in front me. I always broke things, especially electronic and mechanical things, such as my father’s radio or my mother’s recorder. I remember that one day I jammed her sewing machine, because I just wanted to know how the machine could sew clothes; my mother said to me that it was not my business, and to just play with my toys. Actually I broke most of the toys in the house as well -- not just mine but also my brother’s and sister’s. I was truly a menace to the family and am very grateful for the patience my parents showed me during this childhood period.
But when I was 12, I stopped breaking things and started to try to fix things that were already broken or only partially working. My older brother always made fun of me for fixing and doing these things; he always said, “You are making things worse, you are not fixing them!” I remember one time I tried to make my toy car fly by changing the place of the machine’s rotor blades in the car’s toy engine. The car helicopter would not fly due to the weight and other technical issue, but it was a brilliant idea for a 13 year old kid. In my high school, I was always late, not doing homework on time, and I rarely could pass. Despite these shortcomings, I participated in three inventions -- one invention each year of high school. This surprised most of my teachers, who always criticized me for doing things late and not doing well on quizzes and tests. I knew myself and I hated learning in a direct way, but I loved to learn myself by myself. Today I still enjoying discovering things and exploring by myself. I love reading things that are not required and I usually hate reading things that are.
When I graduated from high school I could not find any university or college that would accept me in their engineering department, or any technology major for that matter, because of my low high school GPA. I stayed home one year after high school, with neither a job nor school. I spent most of my time on the internet due to my love of technology, but with no work or school my life was stalled. But, finally, due to God and to one of my inventions, I got not only admitted into college, but also a scholarship.
Moreover, now I am running my first patent, and I have a successful business. My life is better than I ever envisioned. Now, I just hope that my income increases more so that I can spend more money on poor people and have more time to participate in charity work.