Narritive Paper About Problems I Find At My Work – Essay Example

Top Five Problems at Work There are five top problems that I encountered in my work. These five obstacles can be divided into two categories, ly,employer-employee and employee-employee relationships. First, I don’t see it fit for workers (or employees) to be oppressed. I work very hard since that is the nature of my work. The paradox there is that while I am working hard, my employer gains twofold. A seminal economist called this exploitation.
Second, I really hate the employer’s maltreatment to his or her employees: yelling. I don’t find it reasonable or helpful to say the least. Psychologically speaking, yelling or verbal harassment at work don’t make a better work. It rather weakens the employee’s motivation to work quantitatively and qualitatively. There are many good approaches for an employer to encourage his or her employees in working to attain the company’s goal.
Third, I don’t like favoritism at work. This does not advocate, say, camaraderie. However, favoritism promotes an atmosphere of unnecessary competition among employees. Moreover, it downgrades the unfavored employee’s self-esteem, thereby loosing the interest to work effectively and efficiently. Work becomes a jungle for the survival of the fittest if the employer’s motive is for workers to perform at one’s best ability.
Fourth, I don’t like gossipy employee. Gossip at work merely erodes the relationship between employee to employee. To my mind, if an employee has a disagreement with his or her fellow employee, he or she should sensibly discuss this to the involved party. There’s no good reason for an employee to tell his or her problem to other people because it could only lead to greater conflict. And fifth, it seems unfair for an employer not to appreciate the contributions made by his or her employees. Working for more than four years already, the employee receives no benefits or rewards from his or her years of service.