News Article Analysis – Essay Example

Article Analysis Taxcuts for Americans: the future or the past? Ohlemacher, Stephen. “Expiring tax cuts his taxpayers at every level.” MSNBC. http
This informative article by Ohlemacher starts with a sentence that grabs the readers attention: “Heres some pressure for lawmakers...” This first sentence is somewhat informally written and so is more effective in capturing our attention. The article uses a number of authoritative sources to infuse its tone with a sense of urgency: something must be done. The author then presents a number of positions by leading politicians in order to suggest solutions. He breaks down the facts in ways that are easy for an ordinary person to understand such as giving information on exactly how much more tax a family that earns $50,000 a year would be paying if the tax cuts are not extended by Congress. There is not an especially clear conclusion. Nancy Pelosis quotation ends the article. Nevertheless, the ending is effective enough.
There is a clear thesis—if tax cuts are not extended, taxes will rise—and a number of salient topic sentences. There are around four transitions used to introduce the various problems and solutions, the ideas of Republicans and Democrats. Each of the facts is supported by quotations from authoritative sources.
Finally, the articles perspective is fairly neutral. The information is presented without an abundance of opinion and both sides are given time to express their views. If there is any opinion it is in the urgency of the issue. The audience appealed to is a middlebrow one. The key ideas are explained, jargon is generally avoided. The purpose of the article is to inform the reader of the problem and present the solutions offered by various politicians.