North Country – Essay Example

5 April Sexual Harassment in the Movie North Country The movie North Country is the story of a battered wife who goes back to her hometown to try to start over a new life with her two kids. She gets hired in an iron mining company but encounters a lot of problems with her job as a miner, primarily due to the sexual harassment she (and other female workers) goes through everyday.
The pervading atmosphere in the mine is that of male dominance due to the employment ratio of 30:1 for males. The company heads themselves allowed this impression to permeate the folds of all operations such that women were at the mercy of the male union leaders – 10:1 still for males. The women employees behaved in such a way as to merely ignore whatever actions were being done by the male employees, which was -- from the masculine point of view -- in the spirit of having fun. There were situations where a female miner’s breast would be intentionally held by a male employee, or a sex toy would be placed in the lunch box of a female worker. At first, Josey Aimes, the lead character, lets those actions of her male co-employees pass. Later, however, she senses the need to stand up for herself and her principles, so she quits her job and files a class action of sexual harassment which needed 3 plaintiffs for the case. Josey’s intentions were belittled by her female colleagues since they thought that it would only make them lose their job. Their support for Josey was close to nil because they were afraid to stand up for themselves. They acknowledged there was something incorrect in the situation, but their fear held them back. Even some male friends of Josey did not want to stand up for her because they felt that it was a losing case. The walls of resistance however, will soon break as the case proceeds because most of the workers will realize that Josey Aimes is standing up not only for herself or her personal beliefs, but for what is right, a case which she eventually wins.