Oge Insurrection – Essay Example

Louis Verneuil’s first person account of Oge’s insurrection for blacks’ freedom is contrary to the popular belief that he was personally responsible for the massacre and loot of the white colonists in northern province in 1790. Verneuil, a white planter along with three others was taken captive by Oge, the free black leader. Verneuil says that when he refused to surrender his arms, he was respectfully escorted on Oge’s horseback to the presbytery where they were guarded by fifteen men. He was also able to have private conversation with Oge where he tried to dissuade him against the violent uprising. Indeed, Oge had understood the wider ramifications of his insurrection but he nevertheless, seemed to believe that it was necessary for the freedom of blacks and for ensuring the abolition of slavery.
Vernuil also believed that the killings, loot and arson on whites’ plantations were carried out by Oge’s men without his consent. According to him, Oge was a man of his words and even amidst violence, he met him again at 8 on the fateful night where he and his other four mates would have been mercilessly killed, had he not come on time. Oge had shown him the letter that had orders for his arrest. But he freed them because he believed that his men had really been wrong in their violence against the white plantation owners. He probably took the blame because he was leading the brigand but unfortunately could not control their anger and hatred that led to the killings.
Verneuil’s account was important because it highlights the important phase of black uprising that ultimately led to the freedom of the blacks. It also shows the integrity of Oge and his courage in accepting the wrong doings of his team. I believe him because being white, he would not lie, especially against the black ethnic minority who were held at low esteem by the white population. (319)
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