One Page Summary The Attachment – Essay Example

The programs of the institutes and universities need to undergo accreditation from ABET. Accreditation involves various steps starting from evaluation requests that need to be submitted by the institutes before January 31 and ensure all payments are made promptly for accreditation services. The domestic institutes submit details in prescribed forms known as Request for Evaluation or RFE and foreign institute do so in RFA or Request for Approval. These forms must be followed by self study report whose format can be downloaded from the internet. A team chair is first assigned to the institute which then recommends program evaluators. The institutes can lodge their reasons for rejection of the same on the ground of conflict of interest only.
The visits are made on Monday and Tuesday, during September-December session. The program evaluators finish their visit by meeting with the officials of the university, including the CEO and provide them with summary evaluation report. The institutes can respond to the evaluation information within a week. The draft evaluation report is prepared and forwarded to the institute. The institute has got one month to respond to draft report. The objections are then verified and incorporated within the draft to prepare final statement which is then reviewed by full committee members in their annual meeting. The final accreditation action is formally communicated to the institute by August end.