Open & Closed Prison Systems – Essay Example

The organizational systems in both the open and the closed prison are effective in regards to the type of prisoners housed. Open prisons have a more trustworthy prisoner population, whereas closed prisons have more corrupt prison population. If all prisoners had to be put in one system the closed system would be preferred.
The open prison organizational system is trust based. If a prisoner wants to be rehabilitated, than this is a good environment. However, even prisoners with the shortest time left to serve can make a mockery out of the open prison organizational system. One example is of the Facebook escapee. Craig ‘Lazie’ Lynch escaped an open prison in England before the holidays. He then continuously updated a Facebook page taunting the police. Lynch had less than year before he was released. This unfortunate incident made open prisons look bad. For every Lynch, one hundred prisoners that are in open prisons want to change and go along with the program. The problem is does society let one Lynch escape, or prevent it?
Closed prisons have strict order. If a prisoner is unruly various punishments can be handed out. Restrictions on visitors, recreation time, or other privileges can be revoked. Administrative Segregation can be used for the most stubborn prisoners. This type of strict order is what prisoners need. Any type of slack will be used against the correctional officer. Prisoners did not come to prison because they are trustworthy. Every prisoner committed some type of crime. The structure of jail should be a deterrent.
Closed prison organizational systems are better due to the structure. The strict structure helps prisoners maintain their rehabilitation with less temptation.