Organize Our Data And Pack It Up – Essay Example

7 October, Why we need to organize our data and pack it up ? Data organization is an extremely useful and fundamental aspect of successful job. It is indeed, even more important than data production in that all time and effort is rendered meaningless if one is not able to retrieve the required information at the right time. Leaving the data unorganized creates a mess and a lot of time might be wasted in retrieving it from the pile of unorganized papers, files or folders. Organizing data facilitates the business as it saves time, maintains the work tempo and ensures timely completion of the job. The best way to organize the data is to store it in appropriately chosen location and update the information routinely. Consistency is fundamental to rational data organization.
Data must be protected against unexpected and unfavorable circumstances. This can be achieved by packing up the data in backup files. Backup is essentially a necessary area of one’s computing experience particularly if one is obliged to spend considerable time on the computer and one stores important personal or business data in the computer. (Stevens, n.d.). Computers are often untrustworthy. This is so because they are highly susceptible to viral infections caused by malicious softwares designed to rupture the windows. There have been innumerable cases of lost data as a result of virus induced by unknown source in the computer system. Backing-up is a healthy practice since it preserves the data and protects it against any possible harms. Data stored in backup files can be easily retrieved even upon crashing up of the whole system.
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