Outpatient Services – Essay Example

Outpatient services are medical processes that include medical procedures, surgeries or tests. These procedures are done in a qualified medical centre. These procedures and tests are completed in just few hours and we do not need an overnight stay. We have to pay for this service because our health insurance plan may only cover a specific outpatient service. The cost of outpatient services is usually very less because we are not staying overnight. We are not billed for separate hospitalization charges. These centers have highly experienced staff members who are well- trained in the service they provide. Most of these centers specialize in one kind of treatment or procedures. Often all the care one need can be provided in one location and location is often closer to where you live. Many outpatient services specialize in a specific area of medicine, such as orthopedics or cardiology. These centers like many other hospitals have advanced equipments and highly qualified and trained staff. Anyone can choose an outpatient centre instead of a hospital. However, not every medical procedure can be done at one outpatient center.
Outpatient services include wellness and prevention. They help in diabetes education and nutritional counseling such as weight loss programs. They provide childbirth education and delivery. They offer diagnostic services by lab tests, ultrasound scan, CT scan and MRI scan. Surgeries, catheterization, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, endoscopy can be done. Pain management treatments such as an epidural, steroid injections and acupuncture are common services. Rehabilitation service is also offered. Most important is drug and alcohol rehabilitation. We can avail physical therapy, occupational therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, and home care services. However, there are no large emergency services such as open-heart surgeries and brain surgeries. These procedures are still performed in bigger hospitals.