Personal Code Of Ethics – Essay Example

Social Networking The social networking sites help its users to interact with each other with the help of different built in applications with help of which its user can connect directly to each other when they are online or leave important and cute messages when they are offline. This software is not only limited to students or teenagers, it is even in use of teachers and adults who can help their students by posting different educational content in the profiles of their students so the content can easily sort out the problems of the students. Thus it provides a medium for interaction, fun, knowledge, creativity, advertisement and entertainment. However on the other hand these social networking sites may also have its bad effects. Time spent online is time taken away from study, extracurricular activities, and other social interactions. Student’s online disclosure of illegal activities, such as substance abuse, can be used if students come under investigation for related offenses. The information posted may be false and/or misleading, advertisers and marketers may gain the ability to tap into more information about individuals than they have ever had. Moreover, the privacy of individuals is not maintained as per the level in the normal world and many individuals can take the benefit of this. At times it is also seen that people wrongly use the personal information of others where one normally would not use it.
In my opinion the usage of social networking sites should be encouraged in the world today but with proper restrictions and even strict privacy settings.