Personal Mission Stament – Essay Example

My Personal Mission ment Some qualities I would like to develop As a person I would like to develop important qualities in my life such as discipline, good listening skills, self organization as well as the persistence besides maintaining highest level of integrity. I believe that these qualities will allow me to develop as a person who has highest moral standing and believes in developing a set of qualities that can help me to develop myself as a better human being.
Some of the things that matter most to me in life are:
Things that are most valuable in my life include children, creativity as well as family and education. I also however, like to have and share new experiences so that I can give back what I have received from this world and society over the period of time.
Some of the Principles I want to guide my life are:
I strongly believe in developing personal competence and courage as the guiding principles of my life. Further, to remain innovative and appreciate the value of innovation and creativity in one’s life will be my guiding principles for life.
Some of my best talents are:
Nature has showered me with the ability of performing better analysis of facts; communicate clearly and effectively besides I also consider myself as a creative individual with enthusiasm and persistence. These are my personal qualities and I believe that with the passage of time these qualities will further provide me opportunities to start a disciplined and successful life.