Personal Narrative – Essay Example

Hope s. Vaughn Annette Stalions M.A. English 101 02 September A Treasure Worth Fighting For 21st century holds a special significance for me because I gave birth to my only child in the very start of it i.e. 7th January, 2000.
Jim, her father, was quite reluctant about having the baby when he learnt that I was pregnant and told me to get an abortion thrice during the course of pregnancy. The third time, he even took me to NYC to get the child aborted because the laws in our city would not allow an abortion after three months had passed. Seeing me emotionally disturbed, the doctor advised me to go home, give a second thought to the decision of abortion and let him know my decision after two weeks. When I told Jim about this, he retaliated and emphasized that I should tell the doctor that I was prepared for it. So, I again went inside the clinic. But thank God, the doctor was a very considerate and conscientious man! He was not ready to do the abortion. He said to me, “I will not do an abortion for you today. Youre too emotional & I feel you’re not 100% sure about going through the procedure. I don’t want this on my conscience; if you’re sure than come back in 2 weeks and Ill do it for you at that time.” When I told Jim about the doctor’s response, he was shocked. “He said, “That’s because you went in there acting stupid”… What do you think we came all the way down here for?” You’re playing games… you’re really playing games.” Later, realizing that 5 months was too much a time to abort a baby after, Jim told me to put my baby up for adoption or else leave the baby in the hospital after birth. I said, “No I can’t do that. I can’t go through all the trouble of having her just to give her up.” Jim was in no way ready to father the child and told me to name anybody in the world as the father except him. He was nearly 15 years senior to me and was also my Pastor and spiritual leader. I was young, about twenty years old and inexperienced. Finally I gave birth to my daughter. It was being very difficult for me to bear the expenses associated with her care and up-bringing. Her father denied her, until she was about four years old. But he somewhat helped me out by baby-sitting the child while I was at work. But during that time, he molested her over & over. I could never even dream of that. Later, he was arrested and charged for his crimes. My daughter is now 10 years old. She is smart, sweet, respectful and a pleasure to be with. My daughter & I have gone through a lot of therapy. I’m raising her on my own & it has its struggles, but with God in my life all things are possible. Today, I feel so complete with my daughter and enjoy it when people appreciate my strength and courage.