Persuasive Claim Letter – Essay Example

Shenanigans Restaurant Corporate Head Office: Complaints Department 123 Fake Street. Sheboygan, Wisconsin 9 ATTN Michael Koidl: Human Resources Department.
Dear Mr. Koidl,
My name is Gerald Walden and I was a client at your restaurant in Eau Claire, WI on August 25th 2010 along with my wife Hilda. We have dined at your establishment on several previous occasions and traditionally we have had excellent service and we have always been satisfied with the quality of food we received. In general terms we had regarded your restaurant as being one of our favorites. The same can not be said for the service and quality of food we received on August 25th.
We entered the Eau Claire Shenanigans and it took more than twenty-five minutes before we were seated despite the fact that there were hardly any customers in the restaurant. The table we were seated at had not been cleaned of the previous customers refuse and it took an additional ten minutes before the busboy came to clean and set our table. Once our server finally arrived we were given two menus that were covered in Ketchup. We were brought our drinks promptly but we were given the wrong drinks, I ended up with a rum and coke despite the fact that I had asked for just a “coke”.
Both my wife and I ordered our favorite meals, however when I received my Chicken Kiev it was dangerously undercooked and my wife received pasta Alfredo but without the chicken that she had requested. Needless to say we complained to the manager on duty (Mr. Henry Glennie). His response was that the service was commencary with the corporate standards and that the food was prepared to his satisfaction and that if we had a complaint we should address them to the head office.
Without question we are extremely distraught with your restaurant chain and we request a full refund for our meal which totaled $37.50. It has been said that a happy customer will tell two friends and an unhappy customer will tell ten friends, I assure you that if some sort of refund is not made I will tell everybody that I know in the community of Eau Claire.
Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to your speedy response. If you need to get in contact with my feel free to contact me at any time on my personal cellular telephone at 555-555-5555.
Gerald Walden