PETCO Uses Communication And Teamwork To Create An Ethical Culture – Essay Example

Why is an ethics committee so important in dealing with issues and dilemmas related to the sale of pet supplies and animals? PETCO Animal Supplies Inc. is a large pet supply specialty retailer having more than 750 stores throughout the country. As it is a large retailer, supplying pet food, pet supplies, vitamins, fish and small animals, the chances of critics regarding ethics related to pet deals are relatively higher. A small and single incident can cause huge loss on the business as it may damage the reputation that can last for years. Public in general or any special interested group can at any time create issues, talking about true incidents or artificial stories, regarding pets’ deals. It is mainly because, pets are strongly emotional for many people and therefore, the chances of critics and ethical issues are relatively more. If there can be an ethics committee, it can effectively foresee possible critics from among the public and proposes solutions as well.
Why is internal communication so important in assessing the risks?
Internal communication is highly important for PETCO Inc. because the business and its deals with pets are subject to criticism as is the case with all the retailers, and therefore it is required that employees must be communicated the code of ethics in the business in order to ensure that they should follow it. It is also the fundamental way to foresee and overcome the ethical issues that can create troubles on the business. Effective internal communication can helps create an ethical corporate culture within the company.
Why to communicate about ethical issues rather than trying to resolve them independently?
The code of ethics of PETCO addresses relevant ethical issues and organizational risks related to human resources, interest conflicts and appropriate behavior in the workplace. If individuals are trying to resolve issues independently, there wont be a unique way to solve ethical issues, but instead, if employees are communicated of code of ethics, they will be encouraged to resolve issues based on the code and they will be able to follow it.