Pfizer Puffery Or Deceptin – Essay Example

Answer Even if the information conveyed in the advertisement is correct, even then, the presence of Dr. Jarvik is ethically and morally wrong. While Dr. Jarvik is not a practicing physician but the fact that he is a highly regarded scientist in the medical field who has invented artificial heart, gives an undue advantage to Pfizer. The advertisement promotes a drug that is closely associated with heart and therefore, the presence of Dr. Jarvik, subtly lends more credit to it than it deserves. Hence, it should matter.
Answer 2
Lipitor drug can prove to be highly successful because it lowers cholesterol which has widespread influence on the health and well being of the people. As the drug is medically tested, the company must promote its various favorable points but at the same time, Pfizer must also ensure that its advertising clearly displays the side effects or harmful ramifications of its use on special cases. To further avoid any scrutiny and unscrupulous behavior, professionals associated with medicine must not be part of advertisement strategy and cautionary notes must be issued along with the advertisement for allergies etc. for imminent harms.
Answer 3
While the line between puffery and deception is quite close but the difference makes a significant impact on the credibility of the companies. If the advertisements of the products are just exaggerated marketing claims, they come under puffery. But if advertisements are misleading in their content and deliberately try to present unrealistic ideas highlighting the features that are not standard, then it can be construed as deception. Under the circumstances, the company is liable to be investigated under fraudulent practices.
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