Pfizer Puffery Or Deceptin – Essay Example

1. Why do you think the second life has become so popular? 13 million residents of second Life since 2003, is a proof of popularity of Second Life. Second Life offers a choice of substituted life without sacrificing ‘in world’ life. The person lives in a three dimensional world created by him/her. The occupants can fly, walk underwater, and make themselves look like humans, animals, and whatever they feel. The architecture of this new world satisfies the creator. The inhabitants of this virtual world are able to interact with fellow residents of the virtual world. They are able to make ‘in –world’ transactions such as buying, selling, trading the products by spending Linden dollars. There are no inhibitions or restrictions, and still it delivers an enchanting experience. No doubt, this green technology is becoming increasingly popular.
2. Why do some people view Second Life as not a game but as a real-life experience?
Though some players are treating Second Life as a game, it is much more than that. The real life experience given by the Second Life, is a step forward for social networking. Its’ stimulating environment aids in learning with fun. Second Life’s ascetical experience is delightful. The incredible architecture of second life is stunning. Since many companies are employing Second Life as a business strategy, it would soon have major impact on the real-world economy.
3. Where are some of the opportunities for companies to promote their products on Second Life?
The exertions in virtual world are enormous, and still quite economical. The academic organizations such as universities are conducting courses in Second life to promote their portfolio. This can be thought of as advancement in distance learning where remote students might feel part of the community with their colleagues. The virtual world will able to deliver collaborative and distance shopping experience to virtual customers for marketing real-world goods. The companies like IBM are merchandising their real-world potencies and abilities through virtual space. They have created the Sears store in Second Life. Virtual worlds as a meeting place are becoming increasingly popular through which 24 hours training, appointments etc can be scheduled. It allows a business centre to run for 24 hours, which is directly increasing the efficiency of the company. IBM like companies are helping other companies to enter into the virtual space by providing consulting and development services. CNN’s new s centre in Second Life is an example which shows how residents also can play an important role to collect data. CNN is also offering training in journalism through this virtual space. Toyota has found application of Second life to increase the productivity. The corporates are increasingly using the Second life as marketing strategy to attract customers and to test their product portfolios on new customers.