Physician Code Of Ethics – Essay Example

Physician of Medical Ethics by American Medical Association The American Medical Association (AMA) of medical ethics has been considered to be one of the best physician ethics guides on various issues. The code of ethics is basically geared towards the benefit of patients and is guided by nine main principles Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs, 2006). The code of ethics and the US legal principles have a close relation, although in many cases, the ethical requirements go beyond legal requirements. In other words, if physicians reach a point where they feel that a law is not right they should try a way of changing the law; in such exceptional circumstances ethics supersedes the law.
On professional relations it is not ethical for a physician to carry out treatment which does not have scientific ground and is dangerous (American Medical Association, 2010). In such a case he/she will be considered to have deceived the patient by showing false hopes; this also makes the patient delay in seeking proper medical care. The physician should also be cautious of the laws that prohibit them from helping an unlicensed person in medical practice. It is also unethical to charge a separate fee for administrative service that is not medical. Medical staffs who often are physicians, who are in independent medical practice, carry out the essential functions of the hospital. Their core duty is to promote the patients safety and the kind of care provided.
Generally, it is against AMA code of medical ethics to include any false information in the medical history of the patient (Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs, 2006). In effect, the patient’s record should be clear and true for any other doctor who may take over the duty of treating the patient so that they may understand and know how to continue with the treatment. Falsifying records is considered by the Association to be unethical and illegal and may lead to disciplinary action if a physician is found guilty of committing the crime (Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs, 2006).
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