Physilogical Psychology – Essay Example

The Tripartite Man A human being is believed to be created by three essential elements which include the body, the spirit and the soul. This is awidely accepted concept and it has been highly supported by the Bible as well. In this Holy Book, it has been clearly mentioned that the human body was created by God first from dust and then he was incorporated with a spirit. This led to the formation of a mortal with an inborn soul. Thus the Bible clearly presents the tripartite nature of a living being with these three constituents.
Irrespective of the sequence in which a human being was created, the spirit forms the most important part of a human being. The spirit forms a method of communication between the human being and his creator. Not only has this it provides a mortal with a sense of judgment about right and wrong as well as it is responsible for the inborn perceptions that a being possesses. The spirit allows a person to recognize God in a similar way that eyes allow us to see around.
The soul forms the second most important part and it is responsible for the different character that a person has and assists in the psychological understanding. The soul works as a reflector and provides a clear concept and picture of Lord through our understanding power. Then is the human body which functions as a bridge between a being and the external world that he lives in. The body performs this function with the assistance of the senses. For the existence of a human being to continue he must possess a working body. Another important aspect is the heart which is not a part of the body but rather that of the soul and spirit.
Thus the human body has been created in a perfect manner with three components and each of them has a different function which has been given by the Lord for a human being to lead an ideal life. This concept has been clarified by the Bible as well.
The Tripartite Man: Spirit, body and Soul.