Please Write At Least One Page Answering The Following Questions – Essay Example

Administrative Healthcare Degree The increasing demand for health care specialists coupled with a strong desire to assist people and make a significance difference in my career underscore why I am pursuing the Administrative Healthcare degree. It has always been my aspiration to help people with different healthcare needs and influence a positive change in their lives. The demand for specialists who possess skills in the administrative healthcare is enormous. By pursuing the Administrative Healthcare degree, I look forward to contributing to positively to the changing healthcare industry. With an in-depth knowledge, I am sure I will grow in my career and become a successful professional.
Working in warehouse job that offer little progress, lowly paid jobs, disrespect by employers, and constant layoff have influenced me to pursue the marketable Administrative Healthcare degree. In my entire life, I have worked in tedious jobs that pay a little salary, which cannot cater for basic and secondary needs adequately. Similarly, the employers fail to maintain the employer-employee relationship, which is significant in fostering respect and motivating the workforce. Moreover, the job termination without plausible reasons has motivated me to pursue the promising Administrative Healthcare degree. I firmly believe that the completion of my degree will lead me into a well-paying job in the healthcare field.
The Administrative Health degree will offer me with the tangible knowledge about the healthcare industry in order to assist others in the best way possible. Specifically, the skills in healthcare policy will be instrumental in solving the complex challenges in the health industry. In effect, the combination of skills along with the familiarity with the structure of the healthcare sector will provide a strong foundation to deliver quality services. In addition, the better job opportunities and pay will motivate me to explore exceptional and research-based strategies for providing quality healthcare to cater for the changing needs of the clients.