Power Of Context – Essay Example

Power of context Power of context is described as the circumstances of life or an event that creates an environment for a person when something takesplace or exists. In short, power of context is the conscious or subconscious view, thought or belief of a person about the self that ultimately leads to a circumstance or life of that person (The Power of Context 2008).
In the case of Bernie Goetz, power of context has evolved from his authoritatively disciplinarian father who used to find error in whatever Goetz did. This has reflected throughout the life of Goetz whereby he finds systemic error in all his living circumstances that includes his workplace as well as his dwelling. The power of context in Goetz compels him to do the forbidden to get things correct. He wants to see the life’s circumstances according to his understanding and what is embedded in his genes rather than transform himself to suit circumstances. Shooting down the muggers was a disciplinarian fascination of Goetz to do the right: that is to punish the erring people.
In the perspective of power of context, Goetz chose to live in the criminal Manhattan setting to get over the rage that was instilled in him by complaining about the external social set up and trying to find a solution to it (Gladwell, M. p.2).
From a psychological perspective, Goetz has had a stunted psychological growth and would have inherited the disciplinarian genes from his father and has had a lack of role model during childhood that ends him up in finding fault (Gladwell, M. p.3).
It may be concluded that the abovementioned personal circumstances that evolved the character of Goetz forced him to exhibit his power of context throughout his life.
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