Powerfull Leaders From 360A.D - 1865 A.D – Essay Example

Powerful leaders from 360A.D - 1865 A.D The first powerful leader that I have chosen to examine is Genghis Khan (born 1206AD). According to Yates (2010) The reasoning behind why he could be considered a powerful leader owes largely to the fact that he was able to command an army that conquered an area of land much larger than Europe and compromised the larges land empire ever. At the time of Genghis Khan’s rise to power much of central Asia was disunited with fierce tribal conflict. However through shear measure of character was what created loyalty to him. Spoils of war were shared with his followers. He was also a physically strong man and excellent warrior in his own right. Despite his known brutality he was also fairly liberal insofar as he did not persecute people for their religious beliefs and let tribes that declared their allegiance to him practice whatever religion they wanted. Although he could not read he recognized that it was important to spread ideas throughout his empire with the written word.
The next powerful leader that I have chosen to examine is Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia (Born 1431) AKA ‘Vlad the Impaler.’ One does not earn this nickname by coincidence. According to the Romanian chamber of Tourism there is no question that Ivan was a powerful leader that instilled fear into his Enemies, and later served as the basis for the Character ‘Dracula’. Vlad spearheaded a long war with The Ottoman Empire (Arguably the most powerful empire in the Western World at the time). Although at the time many wars had a degree of civility insofar as special quarter would be given to messengers, Vlad would treat his enemies with total disdain. When the Sultan Mehmed raised an army to Attack Romania, his army came across a field of impaled people (Impaled by Vlad) to send a message that this treatment was awaiting the soldiers.
The last leader that I will examine is Horatio Nelson (Born 1758) AKA Admiral Nelson. It has been argued that Although Nelson may have not been the best naval strategist he was without question an exceptional leader of men. Nelson was most famous for leading the British Navy to victory over the Combined French and Spanish navies during the Napoleonic war. According to Nicholls (2005) it was the case that Nelson was strongly outnumbered yet he chose to disregard orders and charged his fleet directly at the combined enemy line and smashed through creating a melee. Although not tactically popular at the time this heads on approach helped send the enemy into a frenzy and ultimately lead the British to a decisive victory. What this signaled was the end of Napoleons dominance on all major fields of battle. Although Napoleon controlled a massive Army the Seas after this point we undoubtedly British.
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