Quucetion – Essay Example

Discussion Question Which system seems better to you—the United s, where employers are vulnerable to negligent hiring suits and as a result, conduct background checks to exhibit due diligence, or Europe, where background checks are not prevalent and illegal behavior on the part of employees does not become the liability of the employer.
I believe the system present within the United States is more suited to my style of working and therefore I would adopt the same. This is because it is right on the part of the employer to conduct background checks in a strenuous manner within the companies. Companies within the US are doing the right thing as their image is related with such thinking ideologies that the employers have within their minds. It is therefore important to be reassured that the employees would not do something which will eventually harm the basis of the company in the coming times. More than anything else, it is dutiful for the employees to feel reasonably placed with the way the United States system of work is related. Illegal behavior at work is a very unforgiving act and thus all-out endeavors and efforts must be incorporated to have as many advantages and benefits as possible. Such work regimes would ensure that the employees know that their negligent hiring realms are legitimate and have nothing wrong about them. The system within the US seems better also because due diligence is quintessential in the times much like today, where the business world is moving ahead at a fast pace (Bing 1996). This helps increase the productivity graph of the company where its employees know what they are doing and under what capacity. It would be sound to fathom that the system within Europe is not well-placed to achieve the results as far as the business organizations are concerned and thus the one within US is doing a good job.
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