Reasons For Christians To Study Secular Literature – Essay Example

This mini-paper is going to discuss the importance of study of secular literature for Christians and its significance in the sharpening of Christians’ theological perspectives. It is not only a matter of likeness for secularism that should compel a Christian to study it; instead, what needs to be considered is that why should Christians take secular literature seriously.
Firstly, the sophisticated forms of literary works and their best influence on one’s mind and soul lead to better approval of God and his Revelations and Scriptures. Study of literature provides a better understanding of what a Scripture intends to teach. Literature students are able to go into the depth of biblical sentences by comprehending the influence of words and their different meanings. Bible is its own example of beautiful expressions based on truth and artistic flow of structure, and the study of literature enables one to reach the highest limit of understanding this artistic pattern of expressions or, in other words, Scripture. We know that secular writing by humans is prone to error. Thus, the students of secular literature know flaws in the use of symbols, criticism, irony, similes, satire, praise, and so on. Studying these flaws enhances the appreciation of God’s Scripture that is flawless. Secondly, studying secular literature also sharpens the Christians’ theological perspectives and vision by proving them true in the prevalent society and this enhances the Christian faith in religion. For example, Bible tells how people suffered when they diverted from God’s path. Secular literature helps explain it to us by making recognizable the characters and stories as well as Christ’s teachings.
These are some of the many reasons why Christians should feel the need to study secular literature. In short, secular literature helps to better understand and appreciate the beauty and perfection of God’s Scripture and also aids in getting familiarized to the characters and stories that Bible tells through parables which are the stories told by Bible by means of comparison with shades of metaphor in them.