Recession Has Bruised The Nation – Essay Example

The Hard Truth about Recession and Employment Recession has hit the country to a great extent and has led to very unexpected and surprising events. Studies have shown that recession led almost 24% of the professionals to take up jobs that were either never their core career related or they were simply over qualified for. This to a great extent has brought out the harsh realities of recession. Almost 34% of the professionals who participated in the research had highlighted that they has not faced any kind of improvements in their skills or even feel challenged at the jobs that they pursued. However the hardest hit in this period have been the career starters. Almost 33% of the professionals in the age group of 24 have been noted to take up jobs that they are over qualified for. This has been particularly very challenging as the individuals were at a stage of starting off their career.
A less surprising result of almost 20% and 17% of the people in the legal and financial services respectively were faced with the issues of taking up jobs that are completely unrelated to their career and their core job profile. The recession has not only left the professionals with jobs that do not match their profile but had led to an instable condition. The survey has brought out that 41% of the professional intend to change their jobs over the next year until they are in more suitable and steady jobs based solely on their abilities. Results like these have brought out the impact that recession has had on the career plans of most people.
This negative impact is not just temporary but is one which will stay on with the people for life as a bruise to their resumes. Recession has led the professionals to take on jobs to be able to survive and to meet the current crisis. It is important that people keep in touch with ex colleagues and recruiters at all times to be in the loop for all news relating jobs and their field of work. This will help keep track of the events and also take necessary steps to overcome the negative impact of recession.
Now is the time to do something if not anything big, to keep in track with the areas of work and the jobs that are available. Simple and forward moving steps will simply help professionals gain back complete control over their careers and bring the train back onto the tracks. Over time the negative impact on the career will gradually fade away and leave only memories of the recession.