Recommandition Letter – Essay Example

Lords’ Exporters Limited Kings Shire, AL 22877 September 2, To Whom It May Concern: It is with immense pleasure I recommend Mr. Lori Timberland to you as a potential candidate for the post of your Public Relations Officer. I am the senior manager of Linco Chemicals and Mr. Lori Timberland has been working as our field officer for last three years under my supervision.
I am happy to state that Mr. Timberland has shown extraordinary skills for promoting new business opportunities even at the time economic downturn. He has gained all necessary abilities from Linco for negotiating any organizational challenges.
Timberland’s genuine commitment to profession has enabled him to be one of the most efficient faculties of our firm. The term of his office could be an evidence for his achievement because the term ranked the highest volume of sales in our business history.
Timberland’s long-term endurance has been honored twice by the firm for his exceptional achievements. I assure you that Mr. Timberland will be an excellent employee who can bring forth further achievements to Lords’ Exporters with an immediate effect.
Please feel free to contact if any further clarification about the person is required.
Sam Noel
Linco Chemicals
Vineyard, Ph: xxxxxxxxx