Recycled Toothbrushes Make Sense – Essay Example

1. Recycline and Stonyfield Farm – Partnership Motives As the Recycline aimed at bringing up an eco-friendly product from every possible recyclable thing on earth, they regard the use of plastic containers as their major raw material for manufacturing toothbrush, tongue cleaners and shavers. In the initial days of derivation of such an idea, the company had to run after inferior ways to collect those things in the form of ‘commercial waste’ but the partnering with Stonyfield yogurt sales enabled them collect the sufficient quantity of raw material from different part of the country as and where Stonyfield had a trade link with shops, malls or super markets. The company was largely successful at claiming its position centered collection points for yogurt packets with an all new Gimme 5 program that encouraged people to love green products. Thus partnering with Stonyfield Farm benefits Recycline in two basic ways; it gets less expensive raw material and a brand assistance to sell the recycled products with ease.
2. Additional Marketing Suggestions
Hudson’s innovative marketing tactics are enterprising at a glance. His attempt to walk with small line business firms to collect raw material and promote sales is example to all small entrepreneurs. His observation on the widespread use of his product helps him make a vision on the possibilities of movies as a means of advertisement. As the new trend demands interactive and reality advertisements, he can think a better way by offering new benefits to all consumers. Taking a part in the advertisement of some largely sold products, he can give them as compliments with special products like ready to cook materials, beverages and other things. Moving with the trend of the people, he can focus much on the attention of children and their parents as his products are meant for personal care. Claiming a distinguished identity of his products by way of certification by different authorities of the government and recommendations by celebrities is sure to help him boost sales.
3. Recommended Changes
Personal care products are more than a necessity for people today. With competition beating the heat in the market, every small business unit needs to formulate new ideas with Recycline as no exemption. Catchy taglines and lively hues on the cover get lots of attraction; they take the company’s advertisement to the top spot. As the company grows Hudson needs to emphasize changes in the formulae of both manufacturing and marketing. A great part of recommended changes goes to innovative designs and interactive sales techniques with little compromise on quality. Since the people are concerned about their health and nature friendly products, he can now advertise his products with options for contests and games and gift coupons for bulk purchase of his products while reassuring people about the source of the raw material as eco-friendly and safe to use. All his efforts can be put on a wide spectrum of brand setting mechanism at the larger stage of the company’s growth.