Reflection Paper Beowulf – Essay Example

Beowulf is an epic poem written in Old English and consists of 3182 lines. The epic of Beowulf is enchanting in its portrayal of demonic characters that need to be destroyed for the wider welfare of human race. It is a tale brave warrier, Beowulf who lives in Geat but comes to Denmark where the monster, Grendal is wrecking havoc amongst the soldiers of the Dane King Hrothgar. The epic revolves around the protagonist, Beowulf and his exemplary courage, fortitude and eagerness in meeting the challenges that can test his valour. It is for these reasons that he offers to slay the monsters that are destroying the peaceful existence of the Hrothgar kingdom. He kills the monster and his avenging mother and returns to his home with huge amount of treasure as his rewards. But in his old age, though he kills another monster but succumbs to his wounds and dies.
I believe that Beowulf is significant in its expression of human values that defies race, culture and nationality. Like all archetype heroes, Beowulf also follows a set pattern of actions and reactions differing only in the sequence of drama that unfolds between the scenes or the events. The tale is especially captivating because an ordinary plot is woven around super human characters and elements which provide the necessary glamour to the plot. The laudable human characteristics like courage against adversity, high moral and loyalty can easily be identified by people through all times. Beowulf, written in unknown period between 8th and 11th century, has exposed the irony of human nature that even though people are segregated by nationality, race and color, literature bounds the humanity across the globe with the bond of values which are common to all. (289)
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