Reflection Paper Paradise Lost Books 1 – Essay Example

Reflection: Paradise Lost I By John Milton Paradise Lost is an epic: a narrative poem on a large scale, whose is so serious and exalted asto merit the epithet universal. The epic –like paradise lost- describes as action that is entire not merely fragmentary or a part of an action. The characters of an epic are all high and mighty beings. This paper would further provide a brief reflection on Paradise Lost Book I.
Milton was cognizant in Paradise Lost that evil had its own attractiveness; he was careful not to minimize it. The portrayal of Satan in a heightened way is the most astonishing work of Milton. We may stand by Milton’s side to admire the methods Satan adopts to achieve his aim: to deceive human beings. Satan’s courage, intelligence and determination is admirable; however, they are applied in a cause that is not merely unworthy, but hateful. Satan is handed by Milton a wicked spirit which gets him to pull of regret, and repentance is not his peer. He chooses the way of evil as offering the best hope of success. Milton’s portrayal of Satan in different roles is an admirable factor. The way he puts him as a leader, debater and transforms him into a successful smooth-tongued and specious politician is admirable.
Milton’s use of unusually exalted and arresting words is grand in a way that they offer new and different meanings. His styles and grandeur is admirable. However, we must argue that Milton’s poetic instinct was better than his logical powers. His portrayal and pictorial of events is admirable. The poem does not only enlighten our deep thoughts about evil but also changes our views about good and evil. It provides us an idea that human beings are too weak to identify the difference between good and evil. Paradise Lost also warns us about the evil ways of Satan and his determination and loyalty with his vengeance.