Reflective Essay, Raising A Son With Aspergers(a Form Of Autism) – Essay Example

Raising a child with aspergers Raising a child with aspergers (a form of autism) is a complex task. The more attention given to such child may help them to show vast improvement in their behaviors. A child with aspergers should be considered as a normal child and the parents should consider the child as a unique child rather than a child with a disability. Parents should spend more time with the child and should encourage and appreciate the child for every action he performs irrespective of whether it is good or bad. Parents should never show their anger or distress in front of the child. It is important to encourage the child to do more things as it is the only way to develop his mental abilities.
A child with aspergers has all the feelings, emotions and thoughts like the normal children. The only thing, which separate them from other children are the difference in intellectual level and the slowness in learning things. There is no point in feeding lot of knowledge to such children. The child should develop knowledge himself through different actions he performs. It is better to arrange a variety of toys and playing facilities for such children. The parents should play with him or encourage him to play with the facilities provided to him. The hidden mental faculties of the child with aspergers need to be opened and for that purpose instead of punishing the child for something, just encourage him to do as much as things possible. Self doing will definitely boost the learning process.
In short, the improvements of a child with aspergers depend on how much time the parents spend with the child and that also in a friendly manner.