Response – Essay Example

Response to Building Germanys Holocaust Memorial Peter Eisenman created a major public structure at the heart of Berlin to commemorate the death of the Jews at the hands of the Nazis. The documentary film entitled Building Germany’s Holocaust Memorial, was directed by Michael Blackwood, with the objective of honoring the victims of the genocide crime inflicted by the Nazi’s in Hitler’s time. The film documented the building of an architectural structure composed of thousands of concrete stele with varying heights which appear to be shifted both in the directions of the left and the right to what seems to be some kind of a field of plants torn by strong winds.
Personally, it is a sad reminder for the cruel crime committed to millions of innocent Jews at the hands of the Nazi. Although the film provided information on the intent to honor the victims, it is medium which is fairly limited in scope to increase public awareness on the atrocities of genocide. Young generations who have no idea whatsoever on the incident, could appreciate the film, if given the chance to view it. Otherwise, like the memorial that was built in behalf of these innocent victims, only those who are close to the actual scene of the crime would be reminded of the incident.
The movie was effective in eliciting the response of viewers who could share the sympathy and grief as they watch the monumental structure to be completed in their vision. However, most of the emotions drawn from the film are loneliness, grief, sympathy to the victims while awe remains to give credit to Eisenman who was committed to give due honor to these innocent victims of crime.