Response To A Movie – Essay Example

Germanys Holocaust memorial A weird architectural construction can be seen in Berlin near the Brandenburg wall. Something looking like nameless graveyard or scattered huge boxes of matches is an outstanding architectural masterpiece designed by of Peter Eisenman. The Monument to the Murdered Jews of Europe is an extraordinary architectural construction. 2,700 concrete slabs from the air look like numerous boxes of matches. On the one hand Eisenman underlined the most terrible crime of the humanity, Holocaust, by creating huge gray slabs. On the other hand this approach may not be justified because these numerous slabs are anonymous.
As a matter of fact, Eisenman succeeded in transferring horror of Holocaust because moving through these stones is a horrible sight. The absence of any symbols or inscriptions on these stones may be compensated by the uniqueness of stones’ shapes and forms. In such a way Eisenman underlines that every individual killed by Nazis was unique but for that inhuman power Jews were gray nameless mass. Consequently, Eisenman’s choice is justified. Gray slabs arranged in numerous rows embody Jews waiting for their deaths. There are critics who accuse Eisenman of anonymous representation of Jews killed during Holocaust. There are supporters who justify Eisenman’s anonymous representation and it is relevant to support them. They claim that uniqueness of slabs commemorates each of the fallen even without any symbols or inscriptions. The main point is that Eisenman persuaded the world in the greatness of inhuman crime committed by Nazis. Numerous huge slabs embody Nazi’s horrible crime against humanity in general and Jews in particular.
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