Rewrite The Intorduction – Essay Example

Your full full August 09, Introduction Health and education are the most important issues of every individual’s life. Good health is a necessity because ill health affects the efficiently level of a person. It is one of the major responsibilities of the government to provide affordable health coverage and education to the citizens. Health care insurance policies cover up the basic costs that people spend for health that include eye care, dental care, emergency care, and many other health issues (Pakhare). Low cost health insurance and quality education are the basic rights of people that should be provided to them regardless of their financial status. Almost all countries pay special attention towards quality of education being provided to the people but not all of them properly concentrate on the critical issue of affordable health insurance. Even if we talk about United States of America, many Americans struggle to pay the monthly costs of health insurance, and because of this, they are not able to get proper health coverage. Financial instability, numerous taxes, and cost of health insurance are those factors that restrict majority of citizens from accessing basic health privileges. People have to pay numerous taxes for the services provided by the government. Increased taxes and low income have made people struggle to pay for health insurance. In order to resolve the issue of health privileges, the current government of America has taken some corrective measures regarding health insurance policy, which include making new laws related to health insurance, providing health coverage for uninsured citizens, and providing uniform and low cost health insurance to all citizens of America.
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