Right And Wrong – Essay Example

Running head: RIGHT AND WRONG Right and Wrong Inserts His/her Right and Wrong The debate on right and wrong is very old and it dates back to the time of early Greek philosophers. Many believe that definition of right or wrong is dependent upon the views of the person defining these terms. We think that a person’s experiences, personality and mental level will define what is right and what is not. But actually the definition of right and wrong is not as subjective as we think. It is very objective in nature.
We are social animals and we cannot survive alone in this world. That is why we have to care about others because without it the society will not function in a healthy manner. If we will start to define right and wrong ourselves without keeping in mind others in the society then it will have drastic consequences.
Therefore we declare a particular behavior or action wrong when that act has perilous consequences on the other members of the society (Nagel. T, 1994). And this goes for all the members of the society. This is why other people also have reason to care for us and this is how our society functions in a civilized manner.
It is essential for people to care for us and for us to care for people in order to guarantee a cultured society. One cannot disregard fellow members as it will bring upon anarchy in the society. For this reason our definitions of right and wrong must be of an objective nature. We cannot leave standards to be defined on personal discretion of the society. A scientific and an objective meaning of right and wrong are required to maintain harmony in the society.
Nagel is accurate in arguing a scientific idea of truth that has to be established in order to maintain peace and harmony in the society. We have to keep in mind the interest of others when deciding upon our actions!
Nagel, Thomas. (1994). The objective basis of morality. In P. Singer (Ed.), Ethics (pp. 252-256). London: Oxford University Press.