Rime Laboratories – Essay Example

CRIME LAB The world around us is changing rapidly due to new technologies. Especially in the field of criminal justice we can see how new techniques that once could only have been dreamt up by science fiction writers are now a reality. The techniques, especially DNA testing, are now an integral part of efforts to prevent and solve crimes—largely because of their success rate and their level of convenience. This is so very important because our police forces and forensic laboratories play a vital front line effort in investigating and protecting us from criminals. In many respects, law enforcement professionals can only protect the public in so far as they can properly and effectively make use of new technologies. However, because these advances are still so new it is not always possible to understand their full implication. The impact of crime labs is especially important.
Most crime labs have analysts who can determine a great deal of information about evidence. The can analyze fingerprints and photographs and various materials. Most labs have field analysts and lab analysts as someone must bring the material, untainted, to the lab and put in a real world context.
Different labs in different parts of the country may be private or public and have varying amounts of funding. Because of this some may be fast, while others will be slow. It depends in large part on how the lab is funded and whether business is profitable or the government thinks it is worth giving money to. Not all labs are created equally.