Scripture Interpretation And Meditation Paper #1 – Essay Example

Scripture Interpretation and Meditation Paper The mind is responsible for everything we do in our lives. It is the one that dictates all our behaviors towards ourselves and others. Despite pride and humility being the opposite of each other, it is evident that they are the products of one element in us referred to as ‘the mind’ (Kubicek, 1). Too much thoughts about ourselves and our successes results to pride (Valley Bible Church Adult Sunday School, 1). On the other hand, the acceptance of other people and their respective works results to the crop of humility in our life. I do believe it is good to affirm others by accepting their contributions in our lives. In doing so, we end up living cohesively in Christ. This is also evidenced by the work of Moreland “The Mind” in which he asserts that the shrinking of the evangelical mind has resulted to marginalization of the gospel (Moreland,15). From his work, one can deduce that Christians are obliged to embrace other people’s reasoning in order to be successful spiritually. Philippians 2:1-4 also attests the essence of our minds in our spiritual development in Christ. This is evidenced by the four verses expounding on how like minded result to enjoyment of love, fellowship of spirit, and affection with Christ. The same verses also expounds on the importance of lowliness of mind in accepting and appreciating the deeds of others. From my personal reflection of the aspects of pride and humility outlined in the personal inventory, the work of Moreland “The Mind”, and Philippians 2:1-4, I can attest that the mind plays a very significant role in our spiritual development; if used in lowliness, it can result to humility which was expressed by Christ.
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