Second Life : When One Isn't Enough – Essay Example

1. I believe that Second Life has become so popular due to the fact that people are able to create an entire world based on what they want, or how they wished life really were. Life seldom goes the way people plan; indeed, there are many things that are simply impossible that some people would still like to do. Second Life allows someone to step out of their own life and into the one that they honestly have complete control over. Second Life has become the reality that many people wish they had. Like any other games via the computer or the Internet, Second Life provides people with a pleasant escape from reality, one that is easily affordable at no cost to the person.
2. Some people view Second Life as a real-life experience and not a game due to the situations that their avatar-selves are able to get into. The only differences between real life and Second Life is that one is lived through on a computer and the other is a real, hands-on ordeal. Furthermore, a game usually involves the character having a goal, with the possibility of death or failure. That character is led through the game through various obstacles to reach that goal. Second Life, however, is life done in cyberspace. While the avatars have goals and obstacles, they are not similar in the least to those of the average video games. No different than real life, the avatars simply want to get through their own life, powered by their person in the real world.
3. Some of the opportunities for companies to promote their products on Second Life are the ability to keep the program as real-to-life as possible, to show their support for their software, which can be seen as favorable to people who access the program, and due to the fact that some of these players might find an interest in a product that they see on this program that they clearly trust enough to live in. If companies make use of Second Life as a real life application, just as other users do, then these other users could easily be drawn to the products that are being promoted.