Self Hood – Essay Example

The concept of self hood indicates the craving for having our own distinct identity and a self developed soul. Considering this definition I considermyself as an individual who is a product of a generation which has probably transcended the barriers of self and identity. In an era of social networking and fast changing fashions and patterns, to develop one’s unique identity and individuality is touch difficult because things do not remain the same next moment. I consider my self hood exactly the same that has been defined in Dante’s Inferno. I feel I am the person who has been lost in Jungle and finds his way blocked by many things including my culture, values which change every now and than an fading relationships which exist only in thin air.
I consider myself as a person who is striving hard to find answers to many questions but remain clueless as to where to go and search for the answer. In an era which is termed as information era, we are left with many questions rather than answers to our deep fears and complications. I feel that my self hood has been developed in such environment and I may no longer be able to craft my own individuality and character which can truly be mine. All my characteristics, values and beliefs are shaped by others like Virgil leading Dante towards hell. I believe that there are many forces including Media which are pulling us towards meaningless directions and we are losing our individuality in this race.