Short Assignment 2 – Essay Example

Popular Culture as Global Culture Introduction Italy From the pictures, Italy is a fast growing with advanced technology in terms of transport and infrastructure. Travelling is by all means, and attention is particularly drawn to travel by water. From the pictures, different types of boats are being used to ferry people to different parts of the region. What is surprising is that structures have been build with their foundation in water. Such magnificent and unique architecture brings to focus the adverse culture of the Italian people (Lightfoot, 2). It is surprising that even with the advanced technology; the Italian people are able to maintain their culture and heritage by being ancient.
The pictures from Yemen show a country that is filled with war. From the pictures, it is possible to tell that most of the inhabitants of Yemen are of the Muslim origin, and they can be seen carrying weapons that relate to war. It also shows that people living there live in a state of fear from attack (Lightfoot, 2). It shows that the area has security issues, and the safest way to live is by being armed. The pictures also depict that war does not consider age. Young children are drawn into war by their elders. Judging from the pictures, Yemen is a country with security issues that lead to war.
From the picture, the people of Burundi have majored in growing their main cash crop; Tea. From early times during the colonial period, Tea was introduced in Burundi by colonialists. It became the main cash crop and has been grown to date (Lightfoot, 2). People of Burundi take farming seriously as the picture shows how well tended the cash crop is and how well it is grown in Burundi. The climate, texture of the soil and topography are aiding factors towards the growth of the cash crop.
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