Significant Environmental Issue – Essay Example

Essay Water is an essential element for the survival of all organisms. Of the various sources of water, freshwater resources, of which 0.5% only is available for use as the remaining is present as ice, serve for domestic, industrial and agricultural purposes (United Nations, n.d). Even as the amount of fresh water available for use is limited, the increasing number of human population and urbanization has raised the demand for water considerably. In addition to the shortage in supplying water, pollution of lakes and reservoirs through contamination with industrial, agricultural and other domestic wastes has caused degradation of water quality further lowering the availability of clean water (Environment Massachusetts, 2010; United Nations, n.d). This is an important issue faced by the people of Massachusetts, from where I hail. Several critical waterways within the state are increasingly polluted and the many believe that the Clean Water Act that was proposed to conserve water is not being upheld. Environmentalists believe that the alarming increase of polluting the waterways could result in loss of wetlands and shortage of clean drinking water in the near future. Several areas in and around the state including the wetlands in Buzzards Bay, headwater streams and wetlands are facing unlimited pollution which is threatening the drinking water supplies from these sources to the community at large. Recent statistics have shown that nearly 75% of the population faces the risk of losing clean drinking water. While environmental activists have been lobbying for the restoration of the clean water act, it is up to the government to pass suitable bills in order to prevent further dumping of wastes in waterways (Environment Massachusetts, 2010). Additionally suitable water treatment facilities, integrated waste water management programs and use of modern technologies together with the cooperation of the public will help to reduce the pollution of lakes and streams. Augmentation of freshwater resources has also become vital due to the demands created by population growth and urbanization (United Nations, n.d). Continued deployment of stricter measures such as the clean water act will ensure long term maintenance of waterways.
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