Snap, Crackle, And All Bran: Kellog Pops Out New Products – Essay Example

1. Why does Kellogg alter its products for different countries around the world? Kellogg has been successful in international marketing research so as to design, develop and provide goods according to the requirements of the people from different regions. Providing right goods at right place is of greater importance especially when international marketing is concerned. As for example, Kellogg developed products like Nutri-Grain and All Bran, with much more iron content for Latin American People as they are more likely to have high rate of anemia. For this purpose, Kellogg even conducted campaign promoting nutritional value. Kellogg’s products thus were designed according to the health challenges and health requirements at various regions. Kellogg developed varieties of cereals and bars for Australia and South Korea, because, it not only gave competitive advantages but also a way to combat the pitfalls of Koran cereals.
2. Why do you think that many international consumers view Kellogg brands to be of local origin?
Kellogg has been producing its food products in more than 17 countries and selling ion more than 180 countries. The basic strategic foresight was to design and develop goods according to the local requirements. Food products of Kellogg always thought to be fit for the purpose and need in the region that it is sold. This is the main reasons that people always thought of it as local origin. For Latin Americans, Choco Krispies bar, All-bran etc provided the specific nutritional requirements that they need. The unique growth that Kellogg achieved in various regions of the world shows that its products were most welcome to all those local people.
3. Can you think of a Kellogg’s product item that should have global appeal with almost no modification
Kellogg was successful in marketing Frosties in South Korea and same time, it gained positive responses in various regions like Australia, Japan and India. The main feature of Frosties is that it is cereal category with less sugar contents. Nowadays, a very large number of population around the world are highly concerned about sugar contents in the foods as high rate of sugar contents are likely to cause health problems. If Kellogg can conduct wide campaigns throughout various countries about Frosties and its feature like ‘less sugar contents’ it can achieve a global appeal.